Connect Plans 360 Bringing Systems
and Plans Together

Core Features

Tracking all your initiatives, work and resources in one place


Driving Agility Through The Enterprise

  • Agile Portfolio Management

  • Timesheeting – Tracking Time for Productivity & Profitability
  • Resource Planning And Management


Agile Portfolio Management

Adaptive at Scale: Embracing change - enhancing agility across your organization.

Efficiently Managing Projects and Initiatives at Scale: Leveraging Agile and Waterfall Methodologies adapting to scale, thereby meeting Evolving Customer and Stakeholder Needs.
Timesheeting – Tracking Time for Productivity & Profitability

Streamlining Time Tracking: Single Integrated Timesheet across Multiple Tools

In an ever-changing Agile landscape, gauging project profitability is crucial for any organization. Timesheeting enables organizations to track efforts and costs, provides a mechanism to measure the value of functionality or services delivered, and capitalize on expended efforts, while also evaluating project viability and facilitate the optimization of resource allocation in a dynamic Agile environment.

Resource Planning And Management

Harness the power of Effective Resource Utilization on one platform

Getting a clear visibility of your resources and teams’ tasks and assignments helps in planning resource re-allocating quickly and analyzing its impact on projects. This further helps organizations in maximizing resource efficiency, move allocation timelines, seamless reallocation of resources to avoid overallocation, and overall heightened organizational performance.



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